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Why a Felted Wool Cat Cave Bed Is The Best Choice in Cat Beds

Why a Felted Wool Cat Cave Bed Is The Best Choice in Cat Beds

Are you wondering which type of bed is best for your cat? Discover why a cat cave is the best choice in cat beds for your feline friends.

Why a Felted Wool Cat Cave Bed Is Better Than a Box for Your Cat

Did you know that, according to a recent survey, 67 percent of households include pets? Out of these pets, the second most common, after fish, are cats—with over 88 million felines living in American households. Cats are among the top 5 most popular pet choices in the US.
If you’re one of the many Americans who has a pet cat, then you might be wondering about getting a cat cave bed for your cat. However, you might not be sure about this investment, especially if you already have a cardboard box for your cat.
However, a felted wool cat cave bed is a much better choice. In this article, we’ll review all the reasons why.
Finally, you can get the best cat bed for your cat, providing your cat with a great relaxation spot and making your life as a cat owner even better. Read on to learn more.


Wool Fibers Absorb Moisture

One of the benefits of wool cat cave beds is that their wool fibers absorb moisture. As a cat owner, you know that you could end up with an inevitable accident, but with these wool cave types of cat beds, you won’t have to worry about your cat sleeping in their own mess.
How does it work? Wool fiber contains cuticle cells that are tiny. These cells can wick moisture away and are quite absorbent. Even if the cat cave ends up getting wet, it will seem dry until you clean up the mess.


Wool Is Easy to Shape

When it comes to cat boxes, cats will sometimes lie on them instead of actually sit or lie within them. If you have a cardboard box your cat sleeps on, this can be a problem, as once it flattens out it’s hard to put it back into shape.
As a result, you’ll end up with a pile of flattened boxes that don’t look too great in the middle of your living room.
With a cat cave, you don’t have this problem. The wool is easy to bend back into shape, so if you want to put it back into its original box shape after your cat has flattened it out, you can. This way, it will look how you want it to.


Wool Adjusts to Temperature Changes

Wool also adjusts to temperature changes. When there’s moisture in the air, the woolen fibers will produce heat once it captures the moisture. This can keep your cat warm, which is helpful if your cat is older and sensitive to heat.
Additionally, when the temperature rises, the cuticles within the wool expand. This releases the moisture that has been trapped inside them and makes it possible for cool air to flow through the woolen fibers.
As a result, when it’s hot out, the felted wool cat cave can keep your cat cool when your home’s temperature has gone up.


Wool Captures Cat Hair Effectively

However much you love your cat, there is an issue that can occur and be incredibly irritating: their cat hair getting everywhere. And when you have a cat bed that isn’t made from wool, their cat hair can get trapped in such a way that it can be difficult to clean.
However, when you have a felted wool cat cave, you get the best solution for the capturing of cat hair. This is for two reasons.
First of all, these cat caves will catch the hair your cat sheds, which will help keep your home clean if they shed excessively.
Additionally, the cat hair won’t actually get tangled in the woolen fibers. Instead, it will rest on the surface.
As a result, it’s easy to clean out a felted wool cat cave bed. All you need to do is vacuum it, after which you have to wipe it down with a cloth that’s damp.
If it’s still a little dirty, you can easily hand-wash it and then air dry, after which it will be ready for use again.


Cats Are Drawn to Wool

No one really knows the exact reason why, but cats are drawn to wool. The closest animal behaviorists have gotten to explaining this mysterious attraction is that they think it may be caused by the lanolin present in the wool.
Lanolin is a natural oil that is contained within sheep’s wool fibers. This is also called “wool wax” or “wool grease.”
One theory is that cats love lanolin because it’s an animal byproduct, and another is that they do because its taste and scent remind them of their mothers.
Whatever the reason may be, your cat will enjoy having a felted wool cat cave bed because of this mysterious attraction.

Wool Has Antifungal and Anti-Microbial Properties


Finally, wool has antifungal and anti-microbial properties. This means that if you get your cat a felted wool cat cave bed, there will be a lower presence of fungus, as well as microbes like bacteria. If you’re a cat owner who wants to avoid fungus and microbes, this is a great choice.

Looking for a Felted Wool Cat Cave Bed for Your Cat?

Now that you know about the benefits of a felted wool cat cave bed, you might be considering getting one for your cat. If so, you should look no further than Cozy Cat Cave Beds. We’re experts when it comes to cat beds and have a large collection available.
Our collection includes grey, black, and white cat beds, as well as multi-colored beds. They are also ethically sourced.
To learn more about our cat bed collection, check it out now.
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