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Cat Cave Bed - Panda Bear Cat Cave House Pet Bed

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Cat Caves create that perfect hiding space, where your pets can be in the middle of the action without being there at all.

Whether they are curled up by the fire for a nap or stalking prey in the kitchen, cats love having their own cozy space offered in their cat cave! Our Panda Bear Felt Cat Cave offers a fun, interactive and safe space for all the cats in your family.

  • Our 3D Cat Caves fit cats, small dogs and your other furry friends, up to about 22 lbs.
  • Our 3D Cat Caves are made from Merino wool that is not only soft and pliable but easy to clean with lukewarm water. Merino wool offers natural lanolin that helps to keep your cat well groomed and smelling fresh!

If you would like to enlarge the opening for your cat cave, a sharp pair of scissors works best. We recommend the "less is more" strategy when enlarging the hole and testing the results after 1/2" increments.

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