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Why a Wool Cat Cave Makes the Best Pet Bed for Your Cat

Why a Wool Cat Cave Makes the Best Pet Bed for Your Cat

A cat spends about two-thirds of its life asleep. While they seem to be able to sleep anywhere at any time, they do have specific needs when it comes to sleep. It's important to ensure they get the rest they need to keep them healthy.

In this article, we discuss how a wool cat cave pet bed can help your cat get the healthy rest they need. We start by understanding their sleeping habits and why these cat caves are the best options. Continue reading to make your companion as comfortable as possible.

Cat Sleeping Habits

In order to choose the best pet bed for cats, it's important to first understand their sleeping habits. They spend more than half of the day sleeping, up to 16 hours throughout the entire day. This increases for older cats. 

They experience phases of sleep that are similar in nature to those humans experience. They go through rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM phases of sleep. However, their circadian rhythms, which dictate when to sleep, are slightly different.

A Cat's Waking Hours

Where a human's circadian rhythm tells them to be awake during the day and asleep at night time, a cat's circadian rhythm tells them something different. They spend time sleeping in the middle of the day and the middle of the night.

Their waking hours are early in the morning and early in the evening. This is why you may hear your cat running around at dusk and dawn. It's common for you to be asleep while your cat is at its most active.

Sleeping Location Preferences

If you live with cats, you've likely noticed them sleeping in a variety of locations. It may not be apparent as to why these locations include the back of an office chair or in the sink. 

When it comes to sleep, cats tend to choose an area that makes them feel secure. This can be up high, such as in a cat tree, or somewhere they aren't easily accessible, such as in a box.

Regardless of the type of pet bed you have for your cat, it's important to set it up in an area where your cat will feel safe. Otherwise, they may not be inclined to use any cozy cat beds. 

The Need for Safety

While all cats have their own unique personalities, cats have a natural instinctual behavior when it comes to hiding. These instincts help them stay safe and comfortable. 

However, it's important to note that any changes in behavior, such as your cat hiding more frequently, may be a sign of stress or illness. If their behavior changes, consider seeking out the assistance of a veterinarian to ensure their health.

How Do Typical Pet Beds Fall Short?

There are a variety of different cat beds available ranging from cushion-type beds to box-type beds and more. While some cats seem to enjoy these kinds of beds, they fall short in terms of function.

A large number of pet beds are open to their surroundings. This can be stressful for cats and prevent them from getting truly restful sleep. They tend to feel more vulnerable in these types of beds.

Other types of beds don't provide the warmth or comfort that cats love. They aren't able to adjust the bed as they want. While not necessarily a deal-breaker, wool cat cave beds provide a better, more comfortable option for your companion. 

What Are Cat Caves?

Cat caves make a great choice for cat beds, but what are they? Cat caves are just what they sound like, a pet bed that is almost completely enclosed except for the entry point. 

These cat beds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. However, arguably the most preferred version among cats is a wool cat cave. 

The best wool cat caves are made out of merino wool, though lower quality versions may be made out of other types of wool. 

What Are the Benefits of Cat Caves?

Investing in our ethically sourced wool cat cave beds comes with a variety of benefits for your furry friend. These benefits include satisfying some of their natural instincts while also providing benefits for your home. 

Keeps Them Hidden

One of the benefits of cat cave beds is that they allow your cat to feel cozy, safe, and warm. Being able to hide in the small confines of these cat caves allows them to feel hidden from any potential threats. 

The ability to remain hidden is especially important in homes with a lot of foot traffic, young children, and/or other pets. A cat is better able to relax when they feel hidden. The enclosed space of these cat beds provides just this experience.

Keeps Them Warm

Cats have a higher body temperature than humans. Their average body temperature is around 101.5°F whereas a human's average body temperature is around 98.6°F. 

This means that the surfaces that feel warm to us may feel slightly cooler to cats. For this reason, it's important to provide them with a warm space to keep them comfortable. The small space inside of a wool cat cave is the perfect place for a warm nap.

Keeps Them Safe

While cats love to stay warm by napping on computers, sunny windowsills, and appliances, cat cave beds are a safer option. A cat's fur helps insulate their bodies, but it also prevents them from immediately feeling hot surfaces.

This means they may lounge on a hot surface for a long period of time before they feel the excessive heat. This can result in the burning of your cat's skin and fur. 

Because wool cat caves reflect a cat's own body heat, there's no risk of their skin burning or the inside of the cat cave from becoming dangerously warm. It's a great way to keep your cat comfortable and safe. 

Keep Your Home Clean

Since your cat will spend up to 16 hours each day in its cozy pet bed, your home will stay cleaner. Instead of cats sleeping on the furniture or other bedding, their fur and dander will stay on their cat bed.

That makes cleaning your home much easier since you'll have fewer areas of cat hair to clean. Plus, these areas will be less dense than the fur accumulation on the cat bed itself. 

Keeps Them Comfortable

Cats don't always prefer to use things as they were designed. We can see evidence of this when they flatten cardboard boxes and use your couch as a scratching post. 

Your cat may choose to sleep on top of their pet bed instead of inside of it (as it was designed). With certain types of cat beds, this can be a problem. This is because certain types of pet beds are less forgiving than others.

With wool cat cave beds, cats can sleep on them however they wish. The soft, pliable nature of merino wool means they are easily squashed, folded, and re-shaped. So, your cat can make themselves comfortable without you having to fear the ruin of the pet bed.

How Are Wool Cat Caves Made?

The best wool cat caves are made with 100% organic merino wool. The material for our cat beds is ethically sourced and imported from sheep in New Zealand.

One of these New Zealand sheep can grow up to five pounds of wool each year. The versatile nature of the wool keeps the sheep comfortable in most climates ranging from very low temperatures to very high temperatures.

Characteristics of Merino Wool

The material is then crafted into our high-quality cat beds by artisans in Nepal. They are available in a variety of colors and are dyed with plant material. 

Merino wool is some of the finest wool available. The fine nature of the fibers means it's also some of the softest wool available. In fact, some can be softer than cashmere and smoother than silk. 

What Are the Benefits of Merino Wool?

Merino wool is known for its ability to suppress odors and absorb liquids. This means that they stay clean for longer periods of time when compared to other cat beds. If they are exposed to water, the material absorbs it and dries quickly.

Merino wool is great for catching fine cat fur. This is especially convenient for cats that shed excessively or those with long fur. It's also easy to remove with a vacuum or damp cloth. 

Get Your Cat a Wool Cat Cave

A wool cat cave helps satisfy your cat's instinctual needs while offering them a cozy and safe place to relax. It's a great investment for the enjoyment of your cat and even the cleanliness of your home. 

Shop our popular collection of wool cat cave beds to find the best fit for your furry friend.
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